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Introducing an online learning experience designed exclusively for busy landscape professionals!


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Basics of Landscape Design for Professionals


A live, interactive 8-week online learning experience taught by expert landscape designer Michael Bernier!

BOLD:Pro is designed for:

  • Landscape Professionals who want to learn the tools to consistently increase the scope and profitability of their projects

  • Contractors who already have solid BUILDING KNOW-HOW and are eager to learn the DESIGN SKILLS to make their projects rock

  • Landscape Designers who want to take their design skills to the next level

  • Employees of Landscape Companies who want to move up in their careers

  • Contractors who seek to add Landscape DESIGN to their installation & maintenance services

  • Landscape Crew Leaders who want to level-up the work quality of their whole crew (ask about team pricing)


Meet Your Instructor:
Michael Bernier

Landscape Designer, Educator, Author, 
Client Whisperer, Paddleboarder, and Nature Lover

Michael is the founder and lead designer of Michael Bernier Design, a premier landscape and exterior design firm based in Los Angeles. His numerous projects include beautiful and functional outdoor spaces at private residences, schools, and businesses throughout California, as well as diverse locations across the United States and Mexico City. 

Michael recently launched Think Outside Landscape Design Academy out of a desire to share his knowledge and love of landscape design with a broader audience by offering online training, resources, and consultations to both Landscape Professionals and DIY homeowners.


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BOLD:Pro – Basics of Landscape Design for Professionals

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  • 7 modules of interactive online learning over 8 weeks
  • 12+ hours of weekly live instruction from expert landscape designer, Michael Bernier; recorded replays will be available 
  • Hands-on Workbook to apply course teachings to a real world project
  • Hours of instructional multimedia content
  • Lifetime course access: learn at your own pace and come back whenever you wish, or review the entire course, again!
  • Prompt email support from our team


+ 3 Awesome Bonuses!

Bonus 1

60-minute 1:1 Design Consultation with Michael Bernier via Zoom

Get one-to-one consultation on your project directly from Michael! Share your design ideas and get expert answers to your questions on the spot!

(A $250 Value)

Bonus 2

Climate Zone-based Plant Guide 

A pre-selected list of recommended plants appropriate to your climate zone.

(A $300 Value)

Bonus 3

Access to the BOLD:Pro private 
Facebook Group

Exchange design ideas, ask questions, and share feedback with other landscape professionals. 




Basics of Landscape Design for Professionals

+ 3 Bonuses


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We're so confident that you will gain great value from the BOLD:Pro course that, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your money.

To qualify for a refund: 1) notify us via email prior to midnight on May 13, 2023 (the end of Module 3); 2) attend all class sessions up to that point; and 3) demonstrate that you have attempted all assigned work.

What’s Inside BOLD:Pro 

Module 1


Most landscape contractors and designers understand the hows and whats of landscaping, but do they really know DESIGN and WHY it matters? In this module we will explore the basic principles that govern all expressions of design and how to take your landscape projects from ‘nice’ to AMAZING!

Module Highlights:

  •  Understand the importance of outdoor space design—It's so much more than just plants.
  • Knowing HOW (to build something) is not the same as knowing WHY.
  • How to properly use colors, textures, scale, movement—and more—in your landscape plans.

Module 2

GET STARTED: The 8-Step Discovery Process

In this module, we will explore the 8-Step Discovery Process I use before starting every project. This begins with the initial project meeting to get inside the client's head and gain a better understanding of their wants and needs. Learn this ‘magic’ step to satisfy your client, before you even get started. Get good at this and you will already be better than 90% of your competition!

Module Highlights:

  • Knowing where to start: You gotta have a plan!

  • The 8-Step Discovery Process I use before I begin to design a plan

  • Explore new resources to aid in your design planning


Module 3

DESIGN PLAN BASICS: You gotta have a plan!

Now, you should be clear on what your clients want and need. But before you can build the project, you need to design it - right? It does neither you nor your client any good if the project ends up being neither beautiful nor functional. In Module 3, we will dive into the Design Plan Basics, preparing you to create the major aspects of the plan design in the upcoming modules.

Module Highlights:

  •  Site Assessment

  • Identify the garden style

  • Gathering inspiration and developing your style

Module 4


This is the first of the three Develop Your Design Plan modules. Here we tackle the major aspects of the landscape plan by taking a big-picture look at the project and working in broad strokes—to clear away what we don’t want, define all the spaces, and prepare for the finer details of the plan.

Module Highlights:

  • How Demolition is part of the design plan

  • Major Site Planning to tackle the big stuff first

  • Hardscape Design defines the space

Module 5


Now that we’ve cleared the space and defined the hardscape areas, it's time to fill the spaces between with all the pretty living things. As a landscape pro, you probably already know how to select the right plants for your climate and the various sun and soil conditions, so I will show you how using design principles to select and place your plants will make the most of your landscape plan.

Module Highlights:

  • How to select the best tree and plant combinations and optimize their placement to make your plan spectacular

  • How to use plants for privacy, security, defining spaces, and other unique applications

  •  Learn how to avoid and correct the biggest mistakes in plant material selection and placement

Module 6


Add extra value to your clients' projects and make their outdoor space a relaxing place to hang out by including landscape lighting, water and fire features, and other exciting details in the design plan. We’ll also explore how to include good maintenance and sustainability practices in your design.

Module Highlights:

  • Understand both the function and art of Landscape Lighting Design

  • Learn the various types of water and fire features to add maximum value and excitement to any outdoor space

  • Why Maintenance and Sustainability should always factor in to your designs

Module 7

PRESENT YOUR PLAN: Get Those Ideas on Paper & Blow Your Client Away!

In this final module, we take all the previous elements we’ve explored and craft them into one cohesive design plan. You’ll learn how to create concept “mood boards” to help tell your design “story” and sell your ideas to your client. At the end of this module, you’ll know how to clearly present your design concepts to your clients and enroll them in the grand vision you have for their property. 

Module Highlights:

  • Draft a beautiful and functional conceptual design plan

  • Create a compelling presentation package that will blow away your client

  • Confidently upsell your grand vision and increase the project scope

  • What’s next?

Complete all 8 BOLD:Pro Modules 

  and you will know how to:

  • Increase the scope and profitability of your landscape projects.

  • Better understand and satisfy your clients’ wants and needs to exceed their expectations.

  • Confidently handle difficult client conversations to gain greater trust.

  • Add proven design principles to your building expertise to create more beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

  • Offer profitable new services to your clients to increase the scope of every project.

  • Grow your sales by properly explaining the importance of good design solutions to your clients.


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Basics of Landscape Design for Professionals

+ 3 Bonuses


Only $1995 $795


 Make 2023 your best year ever!

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After many years as a landscape designer, I've had a front row seat to witness—and manage—what often goes wrong when homeowners and contractors misunderstand each other. I've often seen how this miscommunication causes unnecessary frustration for both sides, and I believe it doesn't have to be that way! 

By teaching you the basics of landscape design from over 100 successful projects, I will show you how to get the most out of your projects and deliver exceptional results to your clients that will have them raving about you to their friends and neighbors.

You're in the right place! I believe this investment in yourself will quickly pay you dividends—both personally and financially.

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